Introducing Safety Check

Facebook Newsroom

By Naomi Gleit, VP of Product Management, Sharon Zeng, Product Manager & Peter Cottle, Software Engineer

In times of disaster or crisis, people turn to Facebook to check on loved ones and get updates. It is in these moments that communication is most critical both for people in the affected areas and for their friends and families anxious for news.

We want to provide a helpful tool that people can use when major disasters strike, so we’ve created Safety Check – a simple and easy way to say you’re safe and check on others.

During a major disaster, Safety Check will help you:

  • Let friends and family know you’re safe
  • Check on others in the affected area
  • Mark your friends as safe

Only your friends will see your safety status and the comments you share.

The 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan was devastating. According to the

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The cost, and ethics, of paying Instagrammers in Kuwait

Alex of Arabia's Blog

Kuwait is known for its love of Instagram and local Instagrammers (image source:

A fascinating blog post by Mark of TwoFortyEightAM has me focusing on not just the cost of using Instagrammers, but the ethics of advertising through influencers in this region. In his post last week, Mark published a list of how much Kuwaiti Instagrammers get paid per post by advertisers. To quote from Mark’s blog, here’s a sample of some Kuwaiti Instagrammers and how much they/their agencies charge (note: prices are in Kuwaiti Dinars and one KD is just under 3.5 US Dollars).

@ahmad_asb (134,700 followers) KD450
@alimubarak1 (68,152 followers) KD450
@ameralshaibani (204,455 followers) KD450
@ascia_akf (1,005,559 followers) KD850
@azizbader (497,708 followers) KD850
@basharnoo (342,316 followers) KD400
@batoul_alkandari (224,233 followers) KD450
@bb_alabdulmohsen (59,123 followers) KD350
@dalalid (866,687 followers) KD850
@daneeda_t (358,396 followers) KD450
@dr_shammat (887,156 followers) KD750
@elham_alfedhalah74 (1,758,795 followers) KD900
@faisalalbasri (474,132 followers) KD850
@fawaz_alfahad (111,874…

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2014 and It’s February already.

It’s been a messy last year. A year of many firsts and hopefully some lasts. 

Full of surprises, new adventures, continued challenges but nevertheless growth, progress and healing. 

I think we learn to a little bit every day. A day at a time. The aim is to live more and fear less. With fear we already cage ourselves. 

I cannot believe it’s been a year, since I finished university. For most it has been a roller coaster ride and Doha still surprises me more than ever. I feel like a tourist in my own town. 

So resolutions this year – more good food, more travel, more savings, more work, more family, more new friends. More reading, more charity, more support. Give more thanks and to blog religiously. 

A hurried post, but nevertheless a promise to get back with more stories very soon. 

Signing off!








I was hungry, tired and weakened. We made a humble meal out of it. I ate silently. It was the most Delicious meal I had.
Good company in serene silence.


How do you like your Coffee?

A simple question at every meet and greet. I like mine strong, milky, flavored. Rich enough to spark a thought process, an endless string of thoughts. More so, my sinuses make it hard to taste anything.

An age old tradition at home, is we make a little paste of the coffee. Much like the coffee vendors at train stations in South India.  Add a half a spoon of hot water to two spoons of coffee. Whip in till color changes to a light brown consistency. I think, this enriches the texture and helps dispel punches of aroma.

ImageWe add a little brown sugar to the mix. The crystals should turn to syrup in the mix. Make sure to have a pot of milk boiling. The boiling hot milk is then poured in from a height to the coffee syrup. This is a visual treat. I like how the froth takes shape on top.

ImageIt’s a long procedure for those of us, who find it hard to wait a few minutes with the kettle on.   I find it therapeutic, to have a muzzy cuppa whilst sitting outdoors on a windy evening.


The best way to devour this, is by yourself. Wake up one early Friday morning. A silent ambiance, a thoughtless mind and a frothy rich coffee. Simple luxuries.


I’ve realized. A momentary epiphany.

How my existence, is a self repair system. I did not choose for it be this way. I did not decide what I would as a result of.

With every hiccup, stumble, heart break and minimal pathos – I felt it was natural to stoop to an all time low. This state of dazed numbness – this very grievous, heartbreaking, heartrending hiatus is the very foundation I would start building myself on.

I sincerely feel, I was destined to meet who I would – see , who I will see and embrace what ever or who ever came my way. I realized, when I have my most cherished memoirs taken away from – that very sense of being torn is usually the first step to re building myself.

It makes sense , to be learning to walk again . It makes sense to be learning to believe again. It is comprehensible to start at a point that may seem far below what you find acceptable. As long as I am not standing still – I credit myself  to be wanting to be who I want to be. I think about how it would feel to be insurmountably happy and I intend to feel that way.

I am gracious that I have had eager ears and cautious eyes that happen to tred my way. Lest I set foot on my to self destruction, these ever serving hands have found their way into mine. They’ve set me free. Inspired to me to hold onto my sanity.

I’ve realized, change is the only constant and while crucial ‘living’ ‘breathing’ ‘speaking’ elements may change, with their roles having entrances and exits much like a play; They were to happen to you. Their journey never just  meant ‘happening’ to cross paths. They were sent for a reason. Reason that even they cannot logic with.

I am one such element. My sole purpose, is to happen to others as they have happened to me. I do not live in a war stricken zone. I have ample choices to make. I make decisions. I have resources. I have so much hope. I have so much health, warmth and goodness.


While I recover from my ambiguous loss. I have realized, time and time again. I do not belong to me. My happiness, dreams and efforts do not belong to me. I cannot afford to be selfish. So much to create and so much to share. who am I to deny this to one who needs it just as I did.

I have realized, in sharing – i divide my misfortuned illness into self destructible pieces and have my joys multiplied. I owe my happiness to these ever serving gracious people. They have created impressions – leaving behind ripples of positive change. Reminding me, of how I must continue to be what was intended to be;

i am simply grateful. Simply gracious that you have happened and I promise I will too, to another person tomorrow. 

From Syria to Doha . From Doha, with Love and Prayers.

From Syria to Doha . From Doha, with Love and Prayers.

This women in shock leaves the Dar El Shifa hospital in Aleppo, Syria – last year Sept 20 , 2012. This day dozens of civilians were killed. This is still the case today.
A whole array of heart wrenching images that have won the Pulitzer Prizes. These were taken by journalists who risked everything to cover the on going civil war.
I chose this image, as it has had me stunned for hours now. I cannot image what she has felt. The last time I saw a blood ridden hijab was during an unfortunate incident that left a sibling critically wounded in my mothers arms. The appalling stains of blood, take me back to this very unfortunate incident that shook me to my very core.

Today, around noon – i felt a sudden dizzy lull taking toll of my senses. I felt lifted and left with a swift sense of turbulence. 10 days ago, we raced to the exits of our office building-  as the whole of west bay experienced tremors coming all the way from Iran. Today, it came back stronger. Immediately, scraping the desk we flew down what we can safely consider a compromised concrete dwelling. Within, an hour I found myself home. Comforting myself with a home cooked meal and curious ears ready to offer me whatever consolation I needed.
An earthquake stricken day for a working girl my age in Iran today wouldn’t be half as easy or favorable. I couldn’t help being thankful to see those gracious faces at home, a generous home and all those well afforded luxuries I have taken for granted.
No amount of charities, well wishes and prayers can begin to provide solace to our brothers and sisters in Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Libya. You are our real heroes. My soul is much smaller to what I can comprehend.
In the light of the recent Boston Marathon attacks and the images of the youngest victim, 8 Year old Martin Richard have left a bitter taste.

I am lucky. Today I sleep richer, happier and safer than millions for whom, this was once a fond memory. I wish you Justice and enormous will to survive. Amen.

The Me in Social ‘ME’dia

Mr. X, Bored, caffeine deprived Professional at a Networking Event – What do you do?
Me – I work in Social Media. A bit of everything in PR , Communications . But, yes Social Media. Core.
Mr. X – I do not understand why people use Facebook. Post a picture with a monkey and you get a 100 likes. It’s a popularity contest.
Me – What do you do?
Mr. X – I’m a marketing /tech/ digital/ doctor/ jack of all trades man.
Me – Oh wow – Please tell me more.

——-End of most Conversations I’ve had most networking events ——

My affair with Social Media is relatively new. We have a love – hate relationship. The ‘cant live with it – can’t live without it’ dilemma. What I can say with conviction – is it one requiring refresh – upgrade – self education and research every waking moment. Few passionate pro’s have it très naturel . The bulk of my time is spent scouting for information not forgetting the billion bits flooding in, that I bookmark but never a look through. The entire gamut of SM can be overwhelming.

It is important to stay consistent , organic and progressive. In spite of the Information explosion and the uninvited epiphany’s , I admit I tend to bite more than i can chew.

So, to me baby steps in SM mean this and it works across a whole array of businesses. 

SM Guru

As, simple as it looks – It’s a complex world of self discovery and losing  self to the wealth of information. Every time I meet a group of SM intellectuals, I am amazed by how much I am to know. I do come back richer with  newer habits to pursue.  It does nothing for my self esteem , but the passion and confidence they exude is nothing less than inspiring.

Last month, a kind Gulf Times, journalist happened to give me my little space on her generous spread on the blogging landscape in Qatar!

reach 1 001              reach 2 001

Quote me –  ” The success of a blog varies, if the blog is constructive, transparent and ethical, it would be widely accepted. Visit other people’s blogs too as they normally check out your blog too. I personally take time time our to read blogs and interact with others. Reflecting on other people’s little tidbits on life, their feelings initiate a thought process between like-minded people” 

I am certainly humbled by the gesture. Which brings me to my final anecdote . You can never really study SM as a subject. It grows faster than mosquitoes multiplying in a bacterial haven and the possibilities and outlets of growth are endless. Bundle it with your knowledge, skill, tact, ethics and messaging. It is not a science nor a profession. It is an Art.  There is not only one right way to do it.

How Life Tastes

How Life Tastes

How am I ? Where am I heading?
I started as a little seed in my mom. Will I reach my Orbit?

Personal doubts, have us negotiating with ourselves everyday. A constant dialogue. A morbid monologue.  Limitless. Perpetual. Never ending.

The hyperlink above, should direct to one such work of art. It speaks to you, speaks within you.

– Huri