One. Numero uno. unum

It stands alone but it stands out. Its powerful. It’s feet firmly dug in the ground. It’s a race to be the ‘one’ 

This chandelier hanging up the roof , warmly brightening up our humble abode above our heads, stroke up some thoughts. It seemed, even though if the other were lit, this ‘one’ would still stand out . It would still be brightest. 

Connecting the fragile dots of thoughts in my mind, I thought to myself – How you need only “one” of a thing – to make a difference. You just need to lose that ‘one’ pound. Or read that one book. Have that one dress or meet that “one” person.How much that ‘one’ can fill the void in your life.

ImageYou just need one of something/ some one or get that “one” chance.

I need that ‘one’ miracle.

The power of one – supremely standing. Maybe, its how the smallest portion of goodness, is magnanimous for all of you.  One if enough. One is all. Just One. 

One. Numero Uno. unum. 


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