Imperfections | The real Perfection

Ho ye din raatein ,Teekhi teri baatein
Kya kare jo yaad aaye re..Tere taane vaane
Chhoone ke bahane , Dil ko bada sataye re

Today I am in state of nostalgia. The above phrases from a Sweet Hindi Song that means more every time i hit the replay button. It’s the very gamut of a person’s perfections and imperfections, through their bi-polarness and their warmth, through their worse and their best – that we create a small version of them in our hearts and mind. 

Many argue the tangibility of the term “heart’ and debate if there is any difference between the two and that they can be used interchangeably,  but i firmly believe – What is on the tongue, is from the mind. What shows in the eyes – that’s from the Heart. 

Coming home, to our definition of perfection. It is the sum of goods and bads that we creatively, lovingly, passionately    give birth to, in our minds and hearts. We always for bear with warmth of the person we create in our heart, and the same person in our mind , bears a more objective appearance.

Nevertheless, when you share a special bond with the person X – who has a heart image and mind image in their respective memories, when you are floating in the ocean of nostalgia, you miss everything. And suddenly, the heart and mind don’t seem so different. It’s a mental debate at truce. 



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