The Minion is now a Mentee

It is with great pride I announce that I am now a Mentee, I am even grateful I was accepted in spite of my late application. It was a scurry of trying to finish work and my never ending list of To- Do’s and add to that the challenge of a waiting car down in the office parking. 

A warm email was received next morning, confirming receipt of my application and requesting my patience of another two weeks till I am told of my fate! 

The QPWN (Qatar Professional Women’s Network) is a welcoming network for Women with an eye for professionalism. I am on the cusp of joining the workforce, since I graduate in December. Fortunately, I have been accepted in a fresh and vibrant team within a month of finishing my exams! In November, I received my acceptance as Mentee. I felt proud and excited. 

My first meeting with my Mentor, was a quick yet memorable experience. I think we walked  into the room with a difference of a few minutes. She’s a confident, good looking and sweet French woman.  Maybe I can pick up a few lessons in French during our meetings. 

We had an initial ice breaking session in a private room at the famous Virginia Common Wealth University in the lavish Qatar Foundation Premise. We had the official kick off just day before, with all the lovely new and existing members of the network. 

Now, I must say – this was my first time at a “womans” professional networking event. I have been to similar events before. But they mainly comprised of young, shy and unsure girls and boys like myself. 

I was a bit shy at first. Ensuring my name tag is visible on my shiny blazer. Carefully, nibbling on sandwiches while a lovely Professional lady approached  me and we hit it off from there. We spoke. Exchanged cards and numbers. And i now comforted, dissolved with the crowd. I had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing women. The restaurant was piping with energy. It was great sharing my Doha gyan with University Instructors, Education pioneers, Retails and Fashion Business Women, Young Grads, Managers and the list goes on. 

I barely realized time had passed. It was such a lovely experience. My only regret was not being able to chat up with all the ladies at the event. That’s me smiling away to glory in the grey blazer, shortly after I was introduced as a Mentee. The cute lady in red to my right is my Mentor. I am her latest Project. As another mentee cheekily pointed out!Image


I am sure this is going to be a great journey. I already have plans with my Mentor. Who lucky me, has her office in the same building as mine! Talk about meant to be!



(Above) Karoline introduces us to the QPWN Network. She is an ideal coach. I am so glad to have met her. And I am gracious for the effort she makes to keep us all connected and informed. 


(Above) Me, anxiously waiting to join the team .

Finally, the diligent thing to do, is to always go through your notes, your anecdotes and make efforts to connect with the women you have met personally, exchanged cards with and numbers etc. I have added them on my personal linked in and  twitter.  Always keep the business cards!


Good Night! The Minion is now off to get some shut eye before a busy day tomorrow. 




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