HOPE – Glimpses in the state of Education ’round the Third World

I happened to stroll by the Sheraton Park for some Karak at a stall set up cafeteria. The following appalling picture exhibition spoke a thousand words without saying one.  


The HOPE Exhibition is a retrospective of 30 years of visual narratives that, in the photographer’s words, “reveal the invisible boundaries where joy verges on despair, where conflict meets indulgence, but where life always triumphs.





“The images show that even in critical situations, men, women and children find the hope to help endure the unimaginable.”



It includes 80 of  Photographer Reza’s photographs and tells many stories, from the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan to the River Amur in eastern Asia and the heights of Algeria’s Assekrem plateau.





The HOPE Exhibition will run on the Corniche at the Sheraton Park from November 8, 2012 to December 15, 2012. The public is invited to enjoy a cultural journey through powerful images that highlight life’s challenges, triumphs and expressions of hope.  





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