Why is the minion a Moody chef?

When you come from a family that spends more on it’s monthly menu budget that any other expense combined, you know  – what goes in the wok is a big deal.
I’m at advantage with both my parents who are aced cooks in their genre. While Dad is perfect imitator of all that is Asian and even Middle Eastern; Mom is more loyal to her roots. Her cuisine is a mix of Indian with a slight touch of the western expat influence.
And I, I enjoy both. Everyday, I have options. I relish dad’s creative aromatic surprises, while my soul’s finds it’s comfort in mom’s chicken stew.
Believe me, I’m not a big fan of fine cuisine. But, I love mixing a lot of them together. I was always a hungry kid. Can never say no, to a little treat every now and then. A desk job forces me to mend my ways.
At university, I cooked up what ever I found economically available at the vendor markets or settle with the freshest vegetable produce of the day. Sometimes, I’d religiously live on daily takeaways. Point made, the art of impromptu cooking runs through my veins and on several auspicious occasions, i tend to surprise everyone including myself!

My humble tagliatelle (above) was seasoned with a dash of teriyaki and some old school ginger garlic sauce and sauteed onions for base. I also used red chilies puree just enough to give its red color. More so, my biggest asset this day, was the bright burst of sunlight streaming in as I whistled my way through the recipe. A good light source, is a great way of knowing how well the condiments have been cooked.

The citrus crush (above) was a pitcher of Tropicana pineapple and orange juice with squared mandarins. All easy. It was a great sipper.


And, berries. I could eat strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blue berries and kiwis all day. (above)Is an organic raspberry and honey yogurt mix. The mints add a refreshing punch. A little water to suit your consistency.

While convenience, easy access and time of preparation are key factors to my successful recipe’s. It’s usually the inspiration that’s abundantly available in the form of a shining sun or a breezy day, which is the winning secret. I always take my dishes outdoors. Savour them on the yard swing or the sun seats outside. Believe me, every spoonful tastes more fulfilling that way.


3 thoughts on “Why is the minion a Moody chef?

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