The Me in Social ‘ME’dia

Mr. X, Bored, caffeine deprived Professional at a Networking Event – What do you do?
Me – I work in Social Media. A bit of everything in PR , Communications . But, yes Social Media. Core.
Mr. X – I do not understand why people use Facebook. Post a picture with a monkey and you get a 100 likes. It’s a popularity contest.
Me – What do you do?
Mr. X – I’m a marketing /tech/ digital/ doctor/ jack of all trades man.
Me – Oh wow – Please tell me more.

——-End of most Conversations I’ve had most networking events ——

My affair with Social Media is relatively new. We have a love – hate relationship. The ‘cant live with it – can’t live without it’ dilemma. What I can say with conviction – is it one requiring refresh – upgrade – self education and research every waking moment. Few passionate pro’s have it très naturel . The bulk of my time is spent scouting for information not forgetting the billion bits flooding in, that I bookmark but never a look through. The entire gamut of SM can be overwhelming.

It is important to stay consistent , organic and progressive. In spite of the Information explosion and the uninvited epiphany’s , I admit I tend to bite more than i can chew.

So, to me baby steps in SM mean this and it works across a whole array of businesses. 

SM Guru

As, simple as it looks – It’s a complex world of self discovery and losing  self to the wealth of information. Every time I meet a group of SM intellectuals, I am amazed by how much I am to know. I do come back richer with  newer habits to pursue.  It does nothing for my self esteem , but the passion and confidence they exude is nothing less than inspiring.

Last month, a kind Gulf Times, journalist happened to give me my little space on her generous spread on the blogging landscape in Qatar!

reach 1 001              reach 2 001

Quote me –  ” The success of a blog varies, if the blog is constructive, transparent and ethical, it would be widely accepted. Visit other people’s blogs too as they normally check out your blog too. I personally take time time our to read blogs and interact with others. Reflecting on other people’s little tidbits on life, their feelings initiate a thought process between like-minded people” 

I am certainly humbled by the gesture. Which brings me to my final anecdote . You can never really study SM as a subject. It grows faster than mosquitoes multiplying in a bacterial haven and the possibilities and outlets of growth are endless. Bundle it with your knowledge, skill, tact, ethics and messaging. It is not a science nor a profession. It is an Art.  There is not only one right way to do it.


9 thoughts on “The Me in Social ‘ME’dia

  1. Very nicely written. I looking forward to following. Thank you for finding me and for following. I hope you will visit often. I admired the piece about rape. Not very comfortable but something we need to know. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you for sparing your precious time with my scribbles. I try to blog consistently. The rape post received a little negative criticism. It’s refreshing to see acceptance. I’m humbled.

  2. Salaams, great blog post and I enjoyed the humor. Like the individual above, I look forward to your future posts and keep up the great writing!

    1. Walaikumsalams! Thank you for your time. Glad to have stumbled upon your blog. My stalking skills tell me you are in Qatar. Hope you are adapting here in baby steps 🙂 Good luck and Good Morning.

      1. You’re welcome and unfortunately I’m not in Qatar at the moment. I visited my girlfriend (inshAllah fiancé soon) and her parents in Doha last month for 3 weeks. She’s working at Georgetown on a human rights project pertaining to the GCC nations. I’m hoping to move there soon since I really love the area and could use a change from Washington, DC. It would be hard to leave behind a wonderful circle of friends and a thriving young Muslim community here. How long have you been in Doha?

      2. Inshallah 🙂 I’ve lived here in Doha a long time. Born and brought up here actually. I hope you can manage a big move. The best part is, Doha is a gamut of so many cultures, no one here is ever alone.

      3. Mashallah! Where would you like to move to? Would love to hear more about your experiences growing up in Doha and the city’s rapid development.

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