How do you like your Coffee?

A simple question at every meet and greet. I like mine strong, milky, flavored. Rich enough to spark a thought process, an endless string of thoughts. More so, my sinuses make it hard to taste anything.

An age old tradition at home, is we make a little paste of the coffee. Much like the coffee vendors at train stations in South India.  Add a half a spoon of hot water to two spoons of coffee. Whip in till color changes to a light brown consistency. I think, this enriches the texture and helps dispel punches of aroma.

ImageWe add a little brown sugar to the mix. The crystals should turn to syrup in the mix. Make sure to have a pot of milk boiling. The boiling hot milk is then poured in from a height to the coffee syrup. This is a visual treat. I like how the froth takes shape on top.

ImageIt’s a long procedure for those of us, who find it hard to wait a few minutes with the kettle on.   I find it therapeutic, to have a muzzy cuppa whilst sitting outdoors on a windy evening.


The best way to devour this, is by yourself. Wake up one early Friday morning. A silent ambiance, a thoughtless mind and a frothy rich coffee. Simple luxuries.


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