I was hungry, tired and weakened. We made a humble meal out of it. I ate silently. It was the most Delicious meal I had.
Good company in serene silence.



From Syria to Doha . From Doha, with Love and Prayers.

From Syria to Doha . From Doha, with Love and Prayers.

This women in shock leaves the Dar El Shifa hospital in Aleppo, Syria – last year Sept 20 , 2012. This day dozens of civilians were killed. This is still the case today.
A whole array of heart wrenching images that have won the Pulitzer Prizes. These were taken by journalists who risked everything to cover the on going civil war.
I chose this image, as it has had me stunned for hours now. I cannot image what she has felt. The last time I saw a blood ridden hijab was during an unfortunate incident that left a sibling critically wounded in my mothers arms. The appalling stains of blood, take me back to this very unfortunate incident that shook me to my very core.

Today, around noon Рi felt a sudden dizzy lull taking toll of my senses. I felt lifted and left with a swift sense of turbulence. 10 days ago, we raced to the exits of our office building-  as the whole of west bay experienced tremors coming all the way from Iran. Today, it came back stronger. Immediately, scraping the desk we flew down what we can safely consider a compromised concrete dwelling. Within, an hour I found myself home. Comforting myself with a home cooked meal and curious ears ready to offer me whatever consolation I needed.
An earthquake stricken day for a working girl my age in Iran today wouldn’t be half as easy or favorable. I couldn’t help being thankful to see those gracious faces at home, a generous home and all those well afforded luxuries I have taken for granted.
No amount of charities, well wishes and prayers can begin to provide solace to our brothers and sisters in Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Libya. You are our real heroes. My soul is much smaller to what I can comprehend.
In the light of the recent Boston Marathon attacks and the images of the youngest victim, 8 Year old Martin Richard have left a bitter taste.

I am lucky. Today I sleep richer, happier and safer than millions for whom, this was once a fond memory. I wish you Justice and enormous will to survive. Amen.